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It's that time again~

Political gay sex scandal time! :D

Isn't Australian politics grand?

"AN ATTEMPT to extort a senior political figure with an explicit sex video has backfired, with the blackmailer facing a jail term.
Jake Della-Vedova, 25, threatened to "out" a married man, whom he met on a gay dating website, by placing film on the internet of the pair being intimate. He faces a maximum of up to 15 years in jail when he appears for sentence in the Victorian County Court in Melbourne on Friday."

So, in my opinion, it's almost certainly one of the conservative, anti-gay politicians. (Anyone else noticed how kinky and/or gay sex scandals always involve the conservative politicians? XD)

No names have been released, as it's under a suppression order.

Until the 27th, that is >:D

The only details available is the politician is married with children. It's kinda figured he be from Melbourne, or perhaps Sydney. Also from information gleaned from a certain right-wing blogger's website, it is thought to be someone from either the Liberal Party or right-wing Labor.

As you might imagine, there has been much speculating on this.

My personal picks are: Senator Steve Fielding (Family First, Victoria), because he's from the fundamentalist Christian party. The irony would kill me (from laughter)

MP Tony Abbott (Liberal*, NSW) for similar reasons. He might as well be from the Family First party, he hold very similar views. I think I will cry if it's not one of them.

MP Joe Hockey (Liberal, NSW) only because this would add another layer of fucked-up-ness to my favourite crack ship: Rudd/Hockey. Hockey is actually one of the more liberal members of the Liberal party.

Other names being thrown about (and I don't know much about them) include: Gordon Rich-Phillips (Liberal, Victoria), Craig Langdon (Labor, Victoria), Bruce Atkinson (Liberal, Victoria), David Bradbury (Labor, NSW).

Anyone else have any suggestions? I don't wanna wait until the 27th! :(

*Despite being called the Liberal Party, they aren't actually Liberal. They are conservative. In this case, very.
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