Poppycocteau (poppycocteau) wrote in current_affairs,

Kickin' it oldschool

I first read about British MP Tom Driberg in Matthew Parris's collection Great Parliamentary Scandals.

WHO HE? The Driberg bio by Francis Wheen is a very interesting read whether you know anything about anyone involved or not (I didn't). But wait there's more, apparently the guy also wrote a porntastic but sadly truncated autobiography:

From Driberg's entry on Everything2
To the relief of a great many people, Thomas had only managed to reach the year 1942 in [writing the manuscript of] his life story [before dying of a heart attack] and thus his autobiography made no reference to his sexual conquests during his parliamentary career. We have therefore been denied confirmation of the story that he once performed fellatio on [Deputy Labour Party leader] Aneurin Bevan in his office at the House of Commons, or of the tale told by Woodrow Wyatt, that Thomas once grabbed [Prime Minister] James Callaghan's penis and declared it to be "a very pretty one" before Callaghan could made his escape.
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