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Behind Wayne Swan, Kevin Rudd/Wayne Swan

A day before the Budget I got an email from the Prime Ministerial mailing list informing me:

"Behind the Budget with [treasurer] Wayne Swan"

Which I, of course, managed to read as:

"Behind Wayne Swan"

And so a plot bunny was born.

Title: Behind Wayne Swan
Author: ruthyuki999 
Fandom: Politislash
Pairing: Kevin Rudd/Wayne Swan
Rating: R
Warnings: uh... this kinda came out more implied!non-con that I was expecting. So, implied!rape
Summary: Kevin Rudd is not pleased with the budget Swan has prepared.
Notes: The original title was going to be "Getting His Way(ne)" *is shot* XD

Rudd's hands clenched at the paper on the desk before him in fury, nearly tearing the document apart.

"Uh, Mr Rudd?" Swan called out politely, stepping up to his desk beside his superior, not daring to look over his shoulder. He had hardly expected this meeting to go well, but neither had expected Rudd to be so bloody pissed off.

"Swan." Rudd spoke the word with all the venom he could manage, "30 billion? 30 billion?!"

He turned around suddenly, taking Swan by surprise. Looking livid, Rudd began to pace the room, muttering angrily in a language Swan couldn't understand.

Reaching his crescendo, Swan was finally able to understand Rudd as he all but shrieked, "There is a 30 billion dollar hole in my budget?!"

Swan gulped as Rudd stalked over to where he was still standing at his desk. Proverbial alarm bells began ringing in his head as Rudd disappear from sight behind him.

"I'm sorry sir, but there's nothing I can--" Wayne tried to explain, not daring to turn around to see the look on Rudd's face. Feeling cornered, he made an attempt to step back, and move to the other side of room, far far away from Rudd.

His heart sunk when he stepped back into a firm body.

He felt Rudd step forward into him, pressing him painfully into the desk edge. Counting the seconds of silence, he dare not even breath.

"Oh, really?" Rudd voice had turned completely calm, devoid of all detectable emotion; Swan knew well enough this could mean nothing good.

He allowed himself a fraction of hope as suddenly the pressure lessened, Rudd must have stepped back. His fraction was crushed as a hand on his shoulder forced him down, sprawling over his desk. It wasn't necessarily a strong force, but Swan knew better than to disobey.

"I want this fixed." He felt Rudd's hot breath on his ear, "I'm sure you can and will find something to do. Now wont you?"


ETA: And I forgot to say... I wrote this last night, before the Budget. It turns out the deficit it much larger. Much larger. Guess Swan is going to need some more punishment, amirite?
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