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hola, y'all!

Fidel/Che fic: have you seen any? I'm suddenly gripped with the urgent need for it, after reading this Che biography by Jorge G. Castaneda. Does anyone know of any? Or other commie-slash or revolutionary slash? I would love you foreverrrrr

as a gift and actual content, here is an Obama/Sarkozy drabble I wrote based on this asswatching scandal

Just by watching television coverage, you might think that the great men of the international scene, the nations' faces, these heads of state, are utterly at ease in each others' presence. The confidence in every handshake, every firm-jawed smile, every twinkle of the eye; could you expect anything less from a man with an entire country behind him?

So it comes down to a standoff of such firm pleasantry in the Oval Office, where Obama sits at his desk and Sarkozy lounges at his ease in a chair before him, smiling half-lidded eyes trained on the President of the United States.

"You probably never want to hear about that G8 shot of us with the girl on the stairs again." Obama starts, amiably enough, and Sarkozy lets out a short ha in agreement. "But can I just say, I'm very sorry that what started out as a clearly out-of-context photo turned into the media examination of a rather unfortunate video for you."

Sarkozy laughs again. "They still had the wrong angle, Mssr Obama."

"I know, they so frequently do, but try telling it to the stations sometime. It's knee-jerk, they see whatever's most sensational."

"Ah, not quite. For instance, they could have thought that I was giving you the once-over and not that girl. It would have been far more sensational."

Obama laughs, a little more than Sarkozy. "What an idea!"

"Indeed," Sarkozy says, quirking his eyebrows.

When he leaves, Obama extends his hand, and Sarkozy takes it and the opportunity it offers to draw the American closer and kiss him on each cheek. Obama returns the gesture.

"We will make a Frenchman of you yet," Sarkozy smiles with the tiniest hint of a smirk. "Keep practicing and maybe on your next visit to France I'll teach you our trademark kiss."
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